Secur-Tek Now Offering TiO Home Automation Systems

TiO with TagHome automation is fun. At least, we like to think so! As we work with homeowners in the Apex and Triangle area, we want to make sure we are offering multiple options so they can find the best fit. That’s why Secur-Tek has a new product in our home automation lineup: TiO.

TiO is a home automation platform based locally in nearby Morrisville, N.C. (Support local!) Similar to the Control4 product we already sell, TiO offers systems for controlling cameras, security, window treatments, door locks, AV equipment, TVs, music, and more — all from one app. TiO stands for “turn it on.”

One feature TiO offers is a section called TiO Moods™, which allows you to capture the settings on all connected devices. Once you have created a mood, you click on it and everything will turn to the saved settings. For example, you might want to set the mood you use once you arrive home from work: lights on, music, a change in temperature, open window shades. A different mood might be set up for after dinner: lower lighting, closed shades.

The company offers a similar setup for the entire home, which they call Experiences. Imagine walking in your door after work, clicking one button and having the entire house set up for your evening: lights, temperature, and more.

According to articles on home automation, consumers like home automation, but ease of use is important. TiO’s systems are user friendly and many people find them easier to figure out as they enter the world of home automation. Some other things we like about TiO: it is quick to install and offers a lower-cost option for home automation. The system also works without extra wiring and already adapts to some devices such as Nest thermostats without extra changes. TiO relies on your home WiFi, while Control4 uses a system called Zigbee. There are pros and cons to both ways.

TiO and Control4 both offer fantastic options for home automation. We are pleased to offer our customers another option. Give us a call to learn more about TiO and Control4 so you can compare and decide which system is best for your home.