TiO Home Automation

TiO provides an easy, intuitive control ecosystem that delivers a set of features usually reserved for higher-priced and complex home automation systems. Lighting, whole house music, HVAC control designed for smaller homes.

Available on Android and iOS platforms to take advantage the mobility of tablets and smartphones.

Audio Zone Players

TiO Audio Zone Player
TiO offers three different full-featured audio zone players to meet a variety of applications. All include 100 watt amplifiers, built-in streaming, integrated Bluetooth receivers and Wi-Fi connectivity. All TiO audio zone players are designed for single-gang installation. These products offer stunning audio quality with small size.

Lighting Control

TiO TouchLite lighting control
The TouchLite® 4’s (TL4) elegant and functional design features capacitive touch buttons and custom labeling. The TL4/MTL4 provides maximum flexibility as it can be configured as a one, two or four-button element. Provides control for all lighting types, including incandescent, MLV, ELV, LED and fluorescent bulbs.

Coordinated Control

TiO MasterCoordinator control
The foundation of every TiO system is the MasterCoordinator® (MC2). The MC2 discovers all TiO system elements and establishes communication between them. The MC2 also provides access to your TiO system from anywhere in the world. The MC2 will support up to 100 TiO elements within 450 foot range, allowing for robust system designs with minimal networking infrastructure costs.

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