L1® Compact system by Bose

If you’re in a band that preforms live, surely you know what a pain it is to lug around all of your heavy equipment. The engineers at Bose have come up with a solution to your misery; the L1 Compact system. Using their patented “Spacial Dispersion” technology, just one L1 unit can deliver sound across the entire stage to the audience. Bose has included two ToneMatch channels for a microphone and guitar. These inputs come with fixed presets as well. In the power stand (the bottom of the unit), there is a speaker specifically for bass. Bose products are known for their versatility, and this product is no different. There speaker collapses to fit into smaller spaces or storage, and when you have a lot of space, you can extend it. This feature makes the speaker ideal for applications as small as classrooms, and as big as musical performances.

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Win Tundra Fire Extinguishing Spray

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Hmmmm, ladies this may be a good time to quietly provide that peace of mind we talked about earlier! For the Mom’s with kids getting ready to enter college this year – you need to make sure to include Tundra Fire Extinguishing Spray in your “Must Have for the Dorm” package that I know you are preparing.

It’s a crying shame we couldn’t purchase “THINK, Don’t Make Stupid Decisions” spray that was as effective as Tundra. I guess until then all we can do is provide all the safety coverage we can think of, kiss them and send them off with our love (and pray a whole lot once they leave).

Shoot, make sure to enter our contest because even if you buy Tundra so you know you have it available, you can ALWAYS think of family or friends that can use it to. So just click here and enter to win Tundra Fire Extinguishing Spray now!

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