Bose Active Sound Management Automotive Technology

Bose always has a way to improve something. Whether it’s a standard 2 speaker stereo, full entertainment systems, or cars, they always are a step ahead of the competition. One of their newest innovations is the Bose Active Sound Management Technology.  Bose has been doing this for years with simple headphones, because it was pretty easy to control sound levels in such a small area. Now, they have mastered some new turf: car interiors! Found on Porsche’s, Audi’s, and more, this system utilizes the car’s speaker system to “cancel out” the sound waves from the engine.  This is achieved through a microphone system, and an audio processor that monitors interior noise, and projects a sound through the car audio speakers that counteracts the sound waves inside the cabin. Pretty neat! The best part about this technology is that it can be used with music on, so no matter what you’re doing you can enjoy a nice peaceful ride. To see the full write up by bose on their Active Sound Management systems, check it out here!

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Shavy Jones

Shavy1It’s that time of year again. The annual convergence of hot weather, empty schoolyards, busy water parks and snow cone stands—also known as summer. Working at Control4 comes with several benefits. Yes I have the opportunity to “get my geek on” with all of the cool electronics we have around the office but one of the best parts during the summer is Shavy Jones!

Every other Friday Control4 brings in a local snow cone company called Shavy Jones to help cool the employees off a bit. Today just happens to be one of those Fridays. I’ve discovered the best way to enjoy a snow cone is with “buried treasure”, which basically means the snow is thrown on top of vanilla ice cream so by the time you get down to the bottom it’s just a sugary mess of deliciousness. Now the only question is tiger’s blood or pina colada? I’ll probably do both.

Let us know your favorite summer treat in the comments section.


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