Bose Music Systems

BOSE Built-Invisible Music Systems

Purchasing a Bose Built-Invisible Music System is an investment that will outlast your home – and maybe even you! With a BOSE Music System you have the capability of listening to different music sources in separate rooms while conveniently controlling your music selections using the Bose room remote or through the free SoundTouch APP downloaded to your IPad, IPhone or Android device. No need for large speakers cluttering up your home or extra control switches filling up your wall space. A BOSE Built-Invisible Music System is custom-designed for your home and to your listening pleasures.

Listening to music is easy using the SoundTouch™ APP to stream from your smart device, local computer library, NAS driver or connecting to music services offered via the internet. SoundTouch™ is an entirely new way to stream music wirelessly around your home, easier than ever before. SoundTouch™ systems connect directly to your favorite Internet stations and streaming music sources like Deezer, Pandora®, Spotify® and iHeartRadio, putting them right at your fingertips. Wi-Fi streaming is fast becoming the new listening standard. Bose has made it easier and more rewarding for you to enjoy.

For your media room the adapt IQ home theater software will calibrate your speakers to provide the highest quality of surround sound today. Whether you are interested in a home theater system or whole house audio Secur-Tek, Inc. has the system for you using the latest Bose technologies and custom installations. Our showroom has a home theater and single room audio set ups for you to listen to.

The whole house music displays have a variety of Bose indoor and outdoor speakers to listen to all available between 8-5 Monday-Friday and after hours by appointment.

Serving Apex, Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill and Central North Carolina

Call now 919-387-1800 to schedule an appointment with a Secur-Tek, Inc. sales representative today.

Built In Bass Box Floor or Ceiling Installation

Built-in bass box in the floor or ceiling

Finished Home Theater Installation

What a finished installation looks like

Bose 251 Exterior Speakers Black or White

Bose 251 Exterior Speakers (black or white)

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Bose 51 Landscape Speakers

Bose 51 Landscape Speakers

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Bose 151 Exterior Speakers Black or White

Bose 151 Exterior Speakers (Black or White)

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Bose 791 Round Ceiling Speakers

Bose 791 round ceiling speakers

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