Add to Your Outdoor Enjoyment

The sky is Carolina blue and the sun is shining. You’re standing in your backyard thinking about the perfect summer barbecue. As you survey the yard, a few fantasies dance in your mind:

A new deck or stone patio?

Built in Grill?

New outdoor furniture?

A fire pit?

Or maybe even a DJ …


Your imagination runs wild with the vision of family, friends and neighbors laughing and talking in your backyard – but wait …. there’s something else making it fun and festive – music!! With a sad glimmer of nostalgia, you remember the boom box that used to crank out your favorite party tunes (Jimmy Buffett comes to mind) – too bad that sudden summer shower destroyed it! With those fond memories running around in your head, you decide to look into something more durable. Something that is designed specifically for your yard where you can enjoy high-fidelity sound without worrying about the batteries, extension cords or weather.

Guess what… you’re in luck! Outdoor sound systems have come a long way since the boom box era.

When installed professionally, today’s systems produce extremely high-quality sound for listeners’ enjoyment. They are also very durable and can sound great for many years. However, there are a few key factors to consideration when designing your musical environment.

First off, an outdoor sound system can’t take advantage of the reflective surfaces that make indoor speakers more efficient (e.g. floors, walls and ceiling). In addition, there is ambient noise from passing cars, chirping crickets, and kids at play to consider in your design. Because of this, outdoor speakers require enough oomph from an amplifier with sufficient wattage to power them. The most common mistake people make with outdoors systems are under powering them which leads to distorted sound, or worse, blown speakers.

Consideration must also be given to the specific design of the area where people are to gather and the type of music you prefer to play. If your area is large, you’ll want to spread the load among multiple speakers and ensure optimal positioning. Multiple speakers playing softly in the right positions will sound much better than a few pushing too hard.

The backyard environment will also expose your system to the extremes of our North Carolina weather. Quality speakers must be able to endure sun, rain and hot/cold temperatures while melding in nicely with the landscaping. There are two basic types of all-weather speakers used: simple bookshelf-type models wrapped in protective casings, or stealth speakers that masquerade as garden rocks, flowerpots, or even benches. Although these speakers are built to be left out year-round, they will last longer and look and sound better if care is taken in determining their placement. For example, box-type speakers can be positioned under the protection of eaves or arbors. In the case of stealth speakers, they can be integrated and protected by natural cover like trees and bushes.

Finally, for convenience and user flexibility, wireless outdoor speakers are ideal. They operate on a designated frequency to deliver sound from your audio devices or Internet radio and can be tied into your home automation system.

So, this summer, you can stop just thinking about it and create the outdoor experience you have always wanted by adding quality sound to liven up gatherings or help you relax after a long, stressful day.

For more information on designing and installing quality outdoor sound systems, please contact Ken Henke at Secur-Tek: (919) 387-1800.

The Power of A Great Music System

Bose In-Wall SpeakersWe’ve all found ourselves tapping our toes or fingers, swaying our hips or humming to the sounds of music. It’s fun. It’s uplifting. And studies agree that listening to music can and does indeed lift spirits.

It doesn’t matter what type of music you listen to: jazz, pop, rock or new age. Listening to music can improve your mood, or if you’re already in a good mood, it can intensify that good mood.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have music all around you all the time? And if that music makes you feel good, what could be better? Good music, good feelings. Wow. Your quality of life just skyrocketed.

One way to infuse music into your home is to install a music system.

Invisible to the eye, Bose music systems allow you to listen to different music in different rooms at different levels throughout your home. The system is created to complement your style. You can use your favorite CDs or your iPod library. There are no large speakers hanging from the walls, but rather in-wall speakers are installed for a clean look and feel without losing the beauty of music in each room.

There’s a reason we listen to music and we naturally move to it. There’s a reason we use phrases such as “music to my ears.” And there’s a reason we have music at festivities. It makes us feel good! For more information on the Bose Music System, contact Secur-Tek at 919-387-1800.

And it’s not just for your home. Click here to learn how music can have a positive effect on your business!

How Music Affects Your Business

Bose SoundTouch™ 20 Wi-Fi® music system  Wireless streaming music speakerStudies have been done to show that music is uplifting to the spirits. But we really don’t need to read official papers on that. We all know that. We love music. That’s why there’s such a huge industry for it. There’s music in our homes and in our cars. There’s music on our phones and computers, in our video games, in our toys, in television shows and as the main topic of shows.

Music is pleasurable.

But did you know that music can affect your business?

For business owners, knowing that music can have a positive effect on people, would steer you to have a system in place to provide music to your business. For employees, it can help put them or keep them in a good mood. Happy employees are good employees.

Music can have an effect on your sales as well.

Consumers tend to recall brands that have music connected to them, music that is fitting to the brand. Among younger consumers, aged 16 – 24, more than half stay longer in a store if there is appreciable music in the background. Business owners know that the longer a person stays in a store, the greater the chances that that person will make a purchase.

The key, however, is not that any type of music be played, but the appropriate music ought to be played to reflect your brand and the opinion consumers will have of your brand. Having the wrong music play overhead can be extremely detrimental to your business.

If the music chosen doesn’t match the product or face of the business, this can yield negative results. If the volume of the music is too low, too loud or is absent, this can also have an unwanted effect on consumers. However, if you think about your brand and your target audience, and you have the right music playing in the background that your customers would enjoy and appreciate, then you are headed in the right direction.

Again, people enjoy music. It’s uplifting. For both your staff and your customers, there are very good reasons to have music at the business. Bose offers a music system that allows your place of business to discreetly have music throughout.

For information on the Bose Music System, contact Secur-Tek at 919-387-1800.

The Bose Videowave Entertainment System

Bose is usually known for their excellent audio products ranging from earbuds to guitar amps, but one of their newest products is the “Videowave” entertainment system! Put simply, the Videowave is a tv that Bose has designed to hold high quality built in speakers. The screen is 46″ across, and comes with a remote that Bose claims to provide “Unmatched simplicity.” As for the speakers, you can see that  in the picture there are channels to route sound out of more efficiently. This allows smaller speakers to produce a bigger sound without cranking up the volume and distorting the audio. This also allows the tv to be thinner, and lighter as well. The picture quality is great with it’s full 1080p resolution, and blacks are dark. So, the real reason anyone would buy this tv is if they were an audiophile looking for a compact package with great quality sound and video. Well, this product really delivers even if the pricing is a little (A lot) steep! Overall, this is a great product from Bose! ($ 5,350)

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Wave® music system

Well, if you’re here, then you know that this is my brand new blog! I’ve been working for a while getting it configured, so i figure why not start of with one of Bose’s trademark products; the Wave Music System.  This device will pump beautiful sounds into small spaces such as a kitchen, home office, bedroom, or bathroom. It’s versatility is basically unmatched due to it’s newly added integrated CD player, FM/AM radio, headphone jack, and even an alarm clock. Also, with an add-on CD changer, you can enjoy all of your artists in full CD quality audio. The Wave Music system uses Bose’s patented “Waveguide” speaker technology to transport the sound waves from the drivers in the back of the device, to the front while eliminating almost all impedance from open spaces inside the device, like a normal stereo. This proprietary technology allows for the best sound quality, and preserves bass, and percussion instruments like no other device could. If you need to control your Wave Music System from afar, Bose has included a slim infrared control unit that blends nicely into any room. Overall, a great product from our friends over at Bose!

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QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones

QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones

 The Bose QuietComfort® Headphones are by far some of the best I’ve seen.  Using microphones inside and outside of the ear cups, Bose has created an adaptive noise cancelling system that is capable of blocking out almost all minimal background noise. After all, who really wants to be interrupted while you listen to your favorite song? Bose has implemented their TriPort® acoustic headphone structure to ensure tonal balance and over all audio performance. Run on only an AAA battery, this headset will last about 35 hours per battery. Another great feature that Bose has included is an iPhone compatible design complete with a remote for controlling volume/shuffle/skipping, and a mic for hands-free calling. Overall, this is a feature rich package that is sure to please any one out their wanting an above-par listening experience.

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Bose® SoundLink® Wireless Mobile speaker

One of Bose’s Newer releases, the SoundLink system provides the person on the go the ability to play breathtaking music from their mobile device where ever they are via Bluetooth.  Supported are a slew of devices including the iPhone, iPod, iPad, Blackberry phones, and Android Devices as well. With a 30′ wireless range, you don’t have to worry about answering messages, taking calls, and even surfing the web while you listen.  The battery on the device last 8 hours, but also comes with an AC adapter for long operational periods. When you get the SoundLink, you’ll notice that it has a stylish nylon cover. This not only protects the device, but can also be folded backwards, and be used as a stand. Also, you’ll find a minijack auxiliary input for use with devices without bluetooth.  Overall, this is a great product for use on the go, in the office, or really anywhere that you want great music.

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251® environmental speakers

Along with their great lines of indoor products, Bose has a line of outdoor products as well.  From porch speakers to marine speakers, they have a pair for every need! The 251 Speakers are for use in all weather, being intense sun, to ice and snow. Every pair is tested to ensure reliability and performance no matter how extreme conditions are outside.  These speakers are designed to be used over wide areas, and are designed with Bose’s patented Articulated Array speaker design to produce low frequencies with minimal audio distortion. In the box, you’ll receive a pair of speakers, mounting brackets for wall mounting, mounting hardware, rubber feet for the speakers if you decide against the wall mounts, and knobs for adjusting speaker settings. Remember, you will need speaker wire to hook these up to your entertainment system! Overall, this is a great set of speakers for any job outdoors.

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Computer MusicMonitor®

Not only does Bose make speakers for your home theater, but now you can transform your office to sound like you’re in a theater. The Bose Computer MusicMonitor speakers are designed for the computer user with a taste. In the box you’ll receive the speakers, a power cord, power pack, an audio input cable, a remote control, and a demonstration DVD.  The speakers are compact, and constructed with high grade aluminum, finished in an elegant brushed finish.  Although they are small, these speakers deliver life-like, rich sound and are great to use on the go. ($ 299.95)

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MIE2i mobile headset

The Bose MIE2i  head set is designed for people who want clear hands-free call quality, and the opportunity to listen to their favorite music on the go. These in-ear headphones set a new standard for audio quality, so you can hear every detail in your favorite music. Made with aluminum and durable plastic construction, you’ll feel like you’re wearing a quality product, and not have to worry if they get tossed around a little. As you can see, the buds sport a very unconventional tip. Bose’s StayHear rubbers will ensure that your headset stays where it’s supposed to be, even during strenuous exercises. Not only are they secure, but the tips are comfortable, and allow hours of listening. Overall, this is definitely a product to check out if you’re in the marked for a new set of headphones.

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