Did You Know Your Choice of Phone Service Could Impact Your Security?

The standard phone line is slowly being replaced by cellular and digital phone services.  This is causing customers to ask about different options to keep their security system connected for monitoring the security, smoke, CO levels and medical devices they have in their home. Some customers are switching to digital phone service and are not aware that the digital phone service goes through a router that, if it locks up, is not able to notify the monitoring station to be able to call the authorities.  The security system has a battery back-up that will power the security system during short power outages but the digital phone provider and network router do not have this power back-up to allow the security panel to notify the monitoring station during an alarm condition.  These two shortcomings of the digital phone service make the cellular monitoring the most reliable and recommended monitoring communications among security providers.

Reasons to use a cellular connection:

1) The cellular communicator sends a test signal to verify system operations.

2) A cellular line can not be tampered with, for example, by cutting a wire at the exterior of the house, at the street or at a local phone hub.

3) Cellular service is not affected by routine line service work.

4) If you switch phone providers, there is no chance of interruption of security service.

5) Cellular service allows you to use your smart phone to remotely control your security system.

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