nutone intercomSecur-Tek installs and services Grey Fox and Nutone Intercoms.

Intercom systems are great for communicating throughout your home and provide a music source for your listening pleasure. A typical home will have a Master unit with a front door speaker allowing communication with the front door. The number of room speakers available for your system depends on which manufacturer you choose.

Nutone Intercom Systems

Nutone has been an industry leader in the manufacture and design of built-in, electronic home amenities. The IMA-3303 becomes part of your home, filling it with great sounding music, or if you prefer, the crack of the baseball bat as you listen to your team’s broadcast. The built-in AM/FM radio has 12 memory channels making it easy to access your favorite stations. For added convenience, you can operate the radio and select any of the 12 preprogrammed memory channels from any remote speaker in the home. No need to return to the ‘Master’ station just to turn the radio on or change stations. You can also preset the radio timer to turn the radio on or off at a predetermined time of your choosing.

The ‘Master’ station features an easy-to-read LCD display so you can see the time and radio station at a glance. The high performance 15-watt amplifier gives you a clean, crisp music and communications in up to 13 rooms of your home. Why stop with the inside? Take the sound outside on the patio, deck or by the pool using our weather resistant speakers.

OnQ/Legrand(Greyfox) Intercom Systems

OnQ/Legrand is a highly respected pioneer and player in the home networking market. The company has recently added a point to point interecom system to its commucication and network systems. The OnQ/Legrand intercom uses CAT5 wiring and is intercom only with no music able to be palyed through its room speakers. The main advantage to this system is its low profile and is ideal for the home owner that wants intercom only. For the home owner that wants to talk to a specific room station and not interupt or have a private conversation the OnQ/Legrand point to point intercom system is the ideal solution.

See also Control4’s video intercom systems.

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