What You Need To Know About Your TV’s Settings

Your TV comes with four settings that allow adjustments to improve the picture quality of your television.

TV settings from the factory are set for bright retail locations that do not always work in your home environment.

Understand your TV’s Video Settings

Sometimes the labels don’t tell the full story:

  • Tint is almost certainly set correctly already. Don’t mess with it.
  • Sharpness adds false information to make a crisper image. It’s less useful on HD sets than on older analog TVs, so you should probably lower it.
  • Brightness doesn’t actually adjust brightness, but alters black level. So when you turn up the brightness, you’re really just turning down the blackness.
  • Contrast, called “Picture” on some TVs, doesn’t control the contrast, but the brightness.

Secur-Tek, Inc. offers a TV calibration service to fine tune your TV’s settings for your home.  It takes on average one (1) hour for each TV to be calibrated and this appointment can be set up by calling our office at (919) 387-1800.

(Note: HDMI or component video input to TV needs to be accessible if you do not have a DVD player currently connected to the TV to be calibrated.)

Calibration can also be done for your media room projector!!!

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