It’s Almost Impossible for People to Detect….

Carbon Monoxide – Colorless. Odorless. Tasteless. = Almost IMPOSSIBLE for People to Detect

Now that the weather is cooling and we’re thinking of staying warm this fall and winter, it’s a good time to be reminded of the dangers posed by carbon monoxide.

UnFun Fact 1:  A person can be poisoned by a small amount of CO over a longer period of time or by a large amount of CO over a shorter amount of time.

UnFun Fact 2: The most CO exposures occur during the winter months with the highest numbers occurring during December and January.

UnFun Fact 3: Domestic sources of Carbon Monoxide include:

  • domestic heating systems
  • blocked flues/chimneys
  • inadequate ventilation in living areas
  • inadequate ventilation in adjoining car garages
  • leakage from faulty appliances and chimneys/flues.


The best course of action is to take steps that prevent carbon monoxide becoming a problem in the first place.Be aware of the sources of carbon monoxide especially in domestic properties where a number of appliances could be responsible. (Generators are a huge cause of Carbon Monoxide poisoning – unvented gas or kerosene space heaters also.)

  • Get appliances professionally installed and regularly serviced to ensure they work efficiently and safely.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation for all fuel burning appliances.
  • Install monitoring devices for the early detection of excess carbon monoxide.
  • Recognise the early signs and symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, particularly when more than one family or work member is affected, and seek medical advice promptly.

Protect yourself and your family this winter.

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