MIE2i mobile headset

The Bose MIE2i  head set is designed for people who want clear hands-free call quality, and the opportunity to listen to their favorite music on the go. These in-ear headphones set a new standard for audio quality, so you can hear every detail in your favorite music. Made with aluminum and durable plastic construction, you’ll feel like you’re wearing a quality product, and not have to worry if they get tossed around a little. As you can see, the buds sport a very unconventional tip. Bose’s StayHear rubbers will ensure that your headset stays where it’s supposed to be, even during strenuous exercises. Not only are they secure, but the tips are comfortable, and allow hours of listening. Overall, this is definitely a product to check out if you’re in the marked for a new set of headphones.

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Bose® Bluetooth® headset Series 2

Bose’s new bluetooth headset is miles beyond the competition. The Series 2 earpiece allows you to hear your calls better, and through their noise-rejecting microphone, allows callers to hear more of your voice and less of your surroundings.  This is great for calling handsfree outdoors, or in a car where wind, road noise, or really anything else can cover up your voice. For extended calls, the soft StayHear tip ensures that your headset will stay firmly, but comfortably inside your ear. Bose has also included Bluetooth, so this will work with any enabled device, and since most devices have this capability, you can also use the device to listen to music, podcasts and more. On the top of the device you’ll find buttons for control over your calls, such as answering, and volume. The best part is, you can buy this directly from Bose for only $ 149.99.

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A20® aviation headset

One area that Bose succeeds in is, surprisingly, aviation. Now, what could they possibly do to benefit pilots? Head sets of course! The A20 is designed specifically for in flight audio, and they have been rated as the #1 choice for pilots year after year.

First, the A20 has been designed to reduce noise levels more efficiently than their consumer devices, and they do this through both an external mic and an internal mic that are used to monitor ambient noise that could distract the pilot.

Bose has even gone as far as to redesign the ear cups to provide greater comfort on longer flights. Now, larger, softer cushions are used, and they have changed shape to provide room for larger ears. Also, Bose has redistributed where the weight of the headset rests on your head to provide a more secure hold on all shapes and sizes of heads.

As for audio clarity, these exceed any device in their price range, as well as provide other great features that other manufacturers failed to address. Sporting built in auxiliary ports for audio input from mobile devices, or even a GPS device, and Bluetooth connectivity, you can truly see why Bose is so far ahead of their competition. ($ 1,095.95)

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