Whole House Intercom Systems


OnQ IntercomDo you enjoy listening to music at home? Are you confined to the one area of the house that has the stereo, or do you have the music blaring in order to hear it from room to room?

When you need to say something to someone in another part of the house, do you get up and walk over or do you find yourself speaking at a high decibel?

With a whole house intercom system, there is no more yelling across the house, and no more complaints about the loud music that no one likes else except you. Whole house intercom systems allow you to communicate from room to room via speakers/intercoms that are installed in each room (or in as many rooms as you choose). You can talk to or listen in on any of the rooms that have a speaker installed. Privacy buttons prevent others from listening in on any particular room.

You can also play your favorite music in one room, while someone in the next room listens to a genre of his/her choice, and yet another person listens to the news elsewhere in the house. Or why not set the mood with soft background music throughout your home? With a whole house intercom system, the choice is yours.

A System generally includes a speaker for your front door, which allows you to communicate with visitors without opening your door; an AM/FM radio with presets that can be chosen from the speakers installed in the rooms; and optional outdoor speakers for your deck or patio. Each intercom/speaker has its own volume control and privacy button. A System not only makes it convenient to communicate, but can offer peace of mind, as you can listen in on other rooms, for example, a child’s room on the other end of the house.

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