Need a Little Summer This Winter?

As we’re nearing Winter solstice, I am blown away that somehow the summer came to a close without me sharing the details of a very special visit I made to a girls’ summer camp in Pennsylvania this past July. I must be jonesing for some sunshine.

Good thing I captured it in video, which I invite you to watch below. Let me just preface this by saying this is nothing like the camp I went to (and even played counselor at!) when I was a kid. Camp crafts–and cooking, turns out!–have come a long way!

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What You Need To Know About Your TV’s Settings

Your TV comes with four settings that allow adjustments to improve the picture quality of your television.

TV settings from the factory are set for bright retail locations that do not always work in your home environment.

Understand your TV’s Video Settings

Sometimes the labels don’t tell the full story:

  • Tint is almost certainly set correctly already. Don’t mess with it.
  • Sharpness adds false information to make a crisper image. It’s less useful on HD sets than on older analog TVs, so you should probably lower it.
  • Brightness doesn’t actually adjust brightness, but alters black level. So when you turn up the brightness, you’re really just turning down the blackness.
  • Contrast, called “Picture” on some TVs, doesn’t control the contrast, but the brightness.

Secur-Tek, Inc. offers a TV calibration service to fine tune your TV’s settings for your home.  It takes on average one (1) hour for each TV to be calibrated and this appointment can be set up by calling our office at (919) 387-1800.

(Note: HDMI or component video input to TV needs to be accessible if you do not have a DVD player currently connected to the TV to be calibrated.)

Calibration can also be done for your media room projector!!!

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Does Dad really need another neck tie?

Fathers DayEvery year we rack our brains to find the perfect gift for Dad but how many times can we give him a neck tie or a gift card before it becomes old and boring? Here are some great gift ideas for you to get for your Dad this Father’s Day:

Tech Dads

  • Seagate GoFlex Net Media Sharing Device – This device will let your Dad access his files and media anytime he wants no matter where he is. It even has apps for the iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices for easy access on the go.
  • Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard – The future has arrived. Carrying around a physical keyboard is so 2011. Give Dad the coolest bluetooth keyboard on the planet.

Sports Dads

  • Subscription to Sports Illustrated – Still the best sports magazine on the market and it arrives in your Dad’s mailbox every single week plus now the digital version is included with each subscription. And don’t forget about the annual Swimsuit Issue as well.
  • Tribeca iPhone Case – Get your Dad an iPhone case with his favorite sports team on it. Tribeca has several options available from NBA to NFL to MLB to NCAA and more.

Grilling Dads

  • Personalized Leather Grilling Apron – Your Dad will grill in style with the heavy-duty leather apron and you can personalize it with his very own initials.
  • Grill-Top PizzaQue Stone – This beauty will turn your Dad’s outdoor grill into a pizza oven. It is a heavy-weight stone raised on a stainless-steel base complete with cooking gauge. He’ll never need delivery again.

Fun/Random Gift Ideas

  • Custom Bobble Head – What father wouldn’t want a bobble head doll in his likeness to set on his desk at home or work?
  • F Bomb Paperweight – For those office situations that get a bit out of hand, Dad can drop this f-bomb on the situation without having to report to the HR Director’s office afterwards.

Happy Father’s Day!

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