Not All Alarm Companies Suck!

Home Alarm Monitoring recently wrote a blog post entitled: “10 Reasons Most Alarm Companies Suck” that was too good not to respond to.  You can read the article HERE, but they do an excellent job of pointing out how many home alarm companies do a terrible job for their customers.

They cite:

1.  Lengthy Contract Terms – sometimes up to 5 years, which can often come as a surprise to customers who have never met with a live agent and have dealt only with web and telephone based sales.

Note: Secur-Tek, Inc. offers yearly agreements and does not require customers to sign 5 year contracts.

2.  Harassing Sales Calls – customers who shop around and choose not to renew a contract can sometimes be subjected to months of calls from persistent salespeople.

Note: Secur-Tek, Inc. respects the decision of its customers and does not harass them if they decide to discontinue their monitoring agreement.

3.  Proprietary Equipment – after an expensive purchase and installation, many people find out that their installed security system is not theirs to use as they see fit and is almost always proprietary from use by other companies.

Note: Secur-Tek, Inc. uses non-proprietary equipment, so if you sell your home and the new home-owner has a relationship with another alarm company, that alarm company can use the existing equipment.

4.  Billing Tactics – many customers have discovered that their credit card or bank account continues to be charged AFTER they’ve cancelled their account.

Note: Secur-Tek, Inc. is happy to offer automatic billing as an option to our customers, but we are vigilant about stopping our bills if service is discontinued.

5.  Misleading Sales Spiels – many people are receiving misleading sales pitches offering a ‘free’ system which quickly snowballs into hundreds of dollars in start-up fees or high monthly monitoring, with the unappealing parts of the contract hidden.

Note: Secur-Tek, Inc. does not offer free security systems as a sales ploy.  The systems we install are purchased systems with a lower monthly monitoring rate that will cost our customers less when multiplied out a few years.

6.  Automatic Renewal of Complicated Contracts – contracts with a home security company can be very complicated and some even institute an automatic update policy, so that customers are enrolled in another term of service without ever being informed.

Note: Secur-Tek, Inc.’s yearly monitoring agreements can be discontinued with 30 days’ notice after the first year.

7.  Monitoring Problems – It’s not uncommon to find out that alarm systems have gone unmonitored or disturbances were not reported by the alarm company.

Note:  Secur-Tek, Inc. installed systems send test signals to verify that the alarm panel is communicating with the central monitoring station.  However, it is up to the customer to periodically test their system for normal operation.

8.  Lackluster Technicians – “morning” or “afternoon” windows for service calls create the necessity for a half-day’s cleared schedule.

Note:  Secur-Tek, Inc. schedules its service calls on hourly windows for the technician to arrive.  We strive to meet this scheduled appointment and hope the customer understands if a prior appointment causes the technician to be a little late.  The technician will always call if their appointment times change.

9.  Faulty Equipment – many home monitoring companies have come under fire for the sub-par equipment they provide at a premium price.

Note:  Secur-Tek, Inc. installs Honeywell security products and does not purchase inexpensive equipment at bulk or discounted rates.  Over 95% of Secur-Tek, Inc. systems are still in operation today with some over 20 years old.

10.  Poor Customer Service – The single biggest complaint about most alarm companies is that their customer service is completely incompetent or unfriendly.

Note:   Secur-Tek, Inc. prides itself in providing a high standard in customer service whether it’s a field technician, office employee or sales person.  By not locking in a customer to a long term contract, Secur-Tek, Inc. has to provide a quality service or the customer can look elsewhere.

Not all home alarm or security companies suck!  But there are plenty that do.  Please do your research and choose wisely!


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