Guest Post: More Women Seeking Home Technology Solutions Than Ever Before

Today we are bringing back one of our excellent guest bloggers, Harry Saini, owner of Digital Smart Homes, to address an exciting trend in home technology:

One of the most exciting trends that we are seeing today is women increasingly seeking out digital technologies—in fact, often much more than men. There are a number of reasons as to why this is occurring.Guest Blog

To begin with, digital home technologies have the power to secure home and family. For instance, systems and outdoor lighting sensors can assure that lights go on at the proper time and that pathways are always lit. This not only protects homes from predators, but greatly decreases the chance of personal injury.

Additionally, smartphone and tablet apps can align with the latest technologies to indicate whether door locks are unlocked, for example, or whether the garage door is open. No matter where in the world one is, she can close and lock doors. By having the power to assure the security of the home, it is possible to have peace of mind when traveling out of town or returning home.

Further, digital technologies can ease the frustrations of controlling numerous home media devices. There are few challenges that frustrate busy individuals more than confusing, difficult-to-control media devices.

Digital media technology offers universal remote controls that can control everything from the TV, to the wireless music system, and everything else in between. It is also possible to program a TV to turn off after a predetermined amount of time to assure kids are staying focused on their studies.

Another reason is that appliance control and monitoring makes home life much easier. In fact, kitchens will never be the same, now that digital makes oven monitoring possible at all times. This lessens the likelihood of the oven being left on for hours or the overcooking of a favourite dish. And all appliances can be constantly monitored to assure they are running efficiently and not wasting precious electricity.

Finally, home heating and air conditioning control both helps make the home more comfortable and less energy intensive. For example, the furnace can be activated from the comfort of one’s bed via an iPad app and the air conditioner can be programed and coordinated with electronic blinds for effective temperature control throughout the day.

While the above technologies make a defined difference in the lives of both men and women, it appears that our female customer is increasingly becoming the key influencer. When questioned about the problems digital home technologies solve, our customers often point to security, efficiency, and simplicity.

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Project Spotlight: How Sports Bar Restaurant Technology Can Improve Business

It’s football season! And while there are several ways to enjoy a good football game (or games) one of the best is to find a great sports bar that provides several viewing angles and great food. We’ve found exactly that at a local sports bar in Norwood, MA. Conrad’s has recently installed Control4 automation into their bar to give their employees and customers more control and provide the best viewing experience possible. Take a look at the video below.


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Bose Active Sound Management Automotive Technology

Bose always has a way to improve something. Whether it’s a standard 2 speaker stereo, full entertainment systems, or cars, they always are a step ahead of the competition. One of their newest innovations is the Bose Active Sound Management Technology.  Bose has been doing this for years with simple headphones, because it was pretty easy to control sound levels in such a small area. Now, they have mastered some new turf: car interiors! Found on Porsche’s, Audi’s, and more, this system utilizes the car’s speaker system to “cancel out” the sound waves from the engine.  This is achieved through a microphone system, and an audio processor that monitors interior noise, and projects a sound through the car audio speakers that counteracts the sound waves inside the cabin. Pretty neat! The best part about this technology is that it can be used with music on, so no matter what you’re doing you can enjoy a nice peaceful ride. To see the full write up by bose on their Active Sound Management systems, check it out here!

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