Need a Little Summer This Winter?

As we’re nearing Winter solstice, I am blown away that somehow the summer came to a close without me sharing the details of a very special visit I made to a girls’ summer camp in Pennsylvania this past July. I must be jonesing for some sunshine.

Good thing I captured it in video, which I invite you to watch below. Let me just preface this by saying this is nothing like the camp I went to (and even played counselor at!) when I was a kid. Camp crafts–and cooking, turns out!–have come a long way!

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Stay Warm and Safe this Winter

Winter weather is upon us…make sure that you keep your loved ones safety a priority. Every winter people die from carbon monoxide poisoning. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission an average of 170 people in the United States die every year from CO produced by non-automotive consumer products. These products include malfunctioning fuel-burning appliances such as furnaces, ranges, water heaters and room heaters; engine-powered equipment such as portable generators; fireplaces; and charcoal that is burned in homes and other enclosed areas.

Be vigilant! First Alert offers an affordable, reliable plug-in Digital Display Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Battery Backup available now for only $ 23.99.

Key CO Detector Features:

Plug-in with battery backup
Works during power outages

Silence/Test with most remote control

Stores, recalls, and displays highest level
Low battery silence feature
- Covers only one wall outlet

The digital display retains the peak level memory and a loud 85dB horn sounds during an alarm. 5-Year Limited Warranty.

Don’t let yourself or any loved ones become a statistic this winter, order your CO Detector now and save over half retail price.

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