Pollen Plays Allergy Hardball in Apex and the Triangle

Dirt Devil JVSpring has sprung here in Apex and across the Triangle NC. In fact, the temperatures have been rising for almost two weeks throughout central NC!  That means the air is warming up, windows are opening up and people are coming outside after months of cooler and often wetter weather. This beautiful weather here in our part of the region is something to be appreciated, and we all do a good job of enjoying the outdoors during even the year’s warmer months.  But we are not the only ones coming out this time of year!

As many of us know first-hand, the start of April has brought about a lot of blooming, and consequently, a lot of pollen!  Southern Pine pollen is appearing everywhere on porches, decks, houses and cars. In fact, almost every single thing that flowers is opening up, contributing to a mellow yellow presence as we get a fine dusting of the heavier than air pollen as things green up for summer.  Beautiful as it is, many of us are suffering from symptoms of seasonal allergies because of the spring bloom!

Pollen can be brought into your home in many ways:

  • Having windows open during the day and in the cooler evenings
  • Animals or children playing outside, then bringing it in with them
  • Opening and closing the front and back door throughout the day!

Most of us spend the majority of the day inside. Because of this fact, the quality of the air in your home or office is critical when it comes to individual and family health.  No one wants to live and work in an environment where allergies dominate and it is more challenging to breathe.

It has been proven through various studies that installing a central vacuum system is one of the best measures you can have in place to greatly improve the quality of air in your home. The indoor systems alleviate allergens and exhaust them outdoors where they belong.

Here at Secur-Tek in Apex, we’ve been the first word in home installation for 22 years and counting!  From home security to home theatre, central vacuum systems to total home integration, we can provide many services that increase the safety and quality of your home.

The experts at Secur-Tek are trained to install and service Dirt Devil Central Vacuum systems.  The benefits of these central systems are considerable:

  • Central vacuums vent to the outdoors, as opposed to cycling air back into your indoor environment. This keeps the air quality much higher than with conventional-style vacuum cleaners.
  • Storage of vacuum components is much easier, with vacuum inlets installed throughout the home
  • Everyone in the house will experience better health through breathing cleaner air, thanks to the central system.
  • Installing a central vacuum system must be considered an investment that adds value to the house and to the property itself.

Deep cleaning, convenient, smart investment, and allergy reduction benefit every household.  Please contact us today to get the ball rolling on installing your Dirt Devil Central Vacuum System.  Secur-Tek wants you and your family to enjoy the warm season, and we can make it even easier to enjoy. Call us today!

4 Ways Secur-Tek Provides Peace of Mind

home security and automationIn this rapidly evolving technology world, new strategies are constantly being presented to make security simpler and safer!  From remote monitoring to total system integration, there are a multitude of possibilities to place your home and business under your complete command.

Locally owned and operated for over 22 years in Historic Downtown Apex, Secur-Tek, Inc. has been installing home security systems and other electronic devices longer than anyone in the area. As a consumer, you may be curious about home security systems and wondering which one is the best.  Maybe you are currently building a new home or considering the upgrade of your current systems.

Our years of experience can guarantee quality installation of a wide variety of security systems, and our trustworthy 24-hour monitoring is established with experience for security and fire alarm systems.  Even if Secur-Tek, Inc. did not install your current system, we can monitor it and make sure your home or business is protected every single day and night.

Interestingly, security is not all we offer!  Technological upgrades to your business, office building or home can help reduce energy usage while bringing both value and safety.  Here in Apex, as well as in the rest of Wake County, we are helping to bring the tech revolution to the home and business owners who want to be more in control.  Operation of everything from appliances to lighting can now be done remotely from a tablet, and we can make this simplified 2013 lifestyle a reality for you, your family or your business.

Here are four key improvements we can install to help you realize the complete potential of your home or business:

Home Security SystemsA sense of security is something everyone wants, especially for their family or investment.  Home security is a way of caring for what you love most, and making sure it’s protected when you’re busy.

Home Automation/Integration– Having control of your television, kitchen appliances, lighting, and alarm system from one single device makes life so much easier, and safer!  Control everything from your tablet, and no longer worry about whether something was left on.  Saving energy is simple when all it takes is the remote click-of-a-button!

Dirt Devil Central Vacuum Systems– Better technology for today’s energy efficient, advanced living spaces. Making house cleaning easier and more streamlined ensures comfort and simplicity.

Bose Music SystemsWe can install sound systems/surround sound for living areas, patios, pool areas, or any other indoor or outdoor location.  Bose is top-of-the-line quality audio with several options to fill any space.

Call us today at 919-387-1800 or contact us online to set up a free consultation. We give our prices up front, so you’re never surprised by what we charge for services.  And we keep our contracts simple for all of our customers!  Don’t wait to bring your home or business into the best technology available, our services will bring you security, efficiency, and peace of mind!

Commentary: “Top 10 Emerging Tech Trends That Will Change Your Home”

According to this post on Electronic House by Lisa Montgomery:

There’s a lot of innovative technology looming on the horizon, ready to change the way we use, live in and enjoy our homes. At the recent Consumer Electronics Association Line Show in New York City, journalists, including myself, gathered at a special reception co-hosted by CEDIA (Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association) and home control manufacturer Savant, to hear about some of the biggest up-and-coming technologies expected to shake up the consumer marketplace.

Her list included:

Emerging TrendsIPv6: Back in the 90s when IPv6 was first being discussed in earnest, those of us in the tech industry used to joke about “an IP address for every light switch.” But that’s child’s play … IPv6 provides an IP address for every molecule in the freakin’ planet. Can you imagine if every device’s MAC address was its IP address? Bye-bye NAT and DHCP, hello IPv6!

4K: It’s interesting, when you go to an NBA or NFL game you see more fans watching the jumbotron than the actual game play on the field or the court. I’m still getting used to 1080p … can you imagine watching everything (or everything that wasn’t already in some older format) at a resolution of 4096 x 2160?! What would we see if they re-digitized old movies in 4K? Do we really want to see every pore on Grace Kelly’s face?

Audio Everywhere: I can’t wait to add this in my own home. I have a pair of wireless headphones that I use when I’m composing digital music at night—to allow me to hear both my computer and keyboard (piano keyboard, not computer keyboard) in a single audio feed. These use some kind of radio-based system, and they really suck. IP audio that would give me full control over the stream would be an amazing enhancement to my own life.

Cloud Life: I’m still skeptical. Before I had my Boxee box hard-wired to my home network, I would often get “buffering” messages when watching digital media over a wireless connection from my home network server. And I’m supposed to expect this kind of stuff to go away when everything actually resides on someone else’s file server? Call me paranoid, but I personally suspect that the push toward cloud technology might just be a ruse to get people to re-purchase all the media they already own in yet another format…

Digital Home Health: This one worries me, mostly because of privacy concerns. It’s one thing if your home network gets hacked and someone steals your tax information. What if they steal your medical records? What if they steal your genome? (OK, maybe I really am paranoid.)

Energy Monitoring: Anything that helps us out when my kids leave the lights on in the basement is fine by me.

Gesture And Voice Control: Why not? We’re so used to Wii-like controls already, it’s just one more step in that direction. My Star-Wars-obsessed son used to try to “force push” the front door open back when he was playing Jedi; this would just make that kind of thing a reality.

Mobile Control and Mobile Connection: After my recent inter-state move, it took me two weeks to find the remote controls to my A/V equipment. No worries—I had a remote control app for my Boxee on my Android phone, and was able to function perfectly well, thank you very much. We’re getting closer and closer on this one.

TV Everywhere: I remember a flight I took to Hawaii with my boys, back when they were tiny. I had just bought a very early “Titanium” Powerbook laptop with one of the first integrated DVD drives. Took along some DVDs and let the boys watch them on the plane. We had a crowd in the aisle watching “Disney’s Dinosaur” along with my 4-year-old and 2-year-old, and not because they were particularly interested in the movie. On my trip to Europe last month most of the kids were watching video on their phones during the 11-hour flight to Berlin. We’re already there, folks.

Intuitive Home: Whatever. I’ll believe it when I see it, at least when it comes to homes for “regular people.” We’ve been conditioned to believe the Disney-esque/Jetson-ish vision of the future home, with reconfiguring walls, robot maids and self-cleaning floors and such. Notice that the image used in this slide is from Disney. Still waiting for my flying car!

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